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June 14, 2008

You can now download from the following places.

All Releases @ Mediafire
All Releases @ Megaupload
All Releases @ Badongo
All Releases @ QuickShare

School Rumble v19 and v20 Released

June 14, 2008

I would have done these two volumes when the raws came out but I had a lot of school work and it took up most of my time. Anyway, I now have finished it and with great speed. Editing took less then two week to do 2 volumes and since I used Townsocks translation as the base (even though only a few things has change) its mostly Townsocks translation again. Now presented in all its High Quality glory. The Releases are listed below and help spread the releases since its only me spreading it around.

All Releases from Mediafire
School Rumble v19 DDL from Mediafire
School Rumble v20 DDL from Mediafire
All Releases from Megaupload
School Rumble v19 DDL from Megaupload
School Rumble v20 DDL from Megaupload
School Rumble v19&20 Torrent

Download Related

February 22, 2008

Now you can go to the following links to download the releases
All Releases at Mediafire All Releases at Megaupload
I’m currently uploading the rest to megaupload. I’ve done Mediafire already but for some reason I can’t upload School Rumble v11 to Mediafire. After it was completed the link says that it was removed for violating the Terms of Service but it will be available at megaupload.

Edit: I’ve finished uploading to Megaupload but for some reason the files are listed randomly so click on file name to sort the list.

School Rumble v18 Released

February 22, 2008

With Townsocks being caught up. I was able to finish volume 18 since I was missing the translation for the b chapter (b52) in this volume and since Townsocks released b52 earlier this week I decided I should get this volume done. but anyway enough of that go download School Rumble v18 in HQ.

School Rumble: Volume 18
Direct Download from Mediafire
Direct Download from Megaupload
Bittorrent link

Big Release for School Rumble

November 3, 2007

I’m finally done and now the big release. School Rumble volume 11-17 in all it’s high quality goodness. Main Translation by Townsocks, a few beginning chapter of volume 11 were translated by UCRumbleScans, and OFS translated a few things that were missing from the original translated releases. Please note Townsocks and UCRumbleScans at this current time didn’t know OFS was doing these HQ volumes. The main reason is that I couldn’t contact them (there wasn’t any email to use). Townsocks is currently still releasing the weekly scans whenever he can get the raws for them. School Rumble fans will now have a decent release to look at and read. and if your archiving School Rumble, this release will definitely satisfied your HQ craving. but anyway enough of that and go download these volumes in all it’s HQ goodness. oh and Townsocks if your reading this you can post these links on your website.
I have reuploaded Shaman King.

School Rumble Volume 11-17 Torrent

School Rumble: Volume 11
Direct Download from Mediafire currently deleted
Direct Download from Megaupload

School Rumble: Volume 12
Direct Download from Mediafire

School Rumble: Volume 13
Direct Download from Mediafire

School Rumble: Volume 14
Direct Download from Mediafire

School Rumble: Volume 15
Direct Download from Mediafire

School Rumble: Volume 16
Direct Download from Mediafire

School Rumble: Volume 17
Direct Download from Mediafire

Name change

November 1, 2007

I’ve decided to change Omar’s Fix Scanlation to just OFS. Right now it doesn’t stand for anything, maybe I’ll think of something in the future but for now it’s just OFS.

Added Direct Download Links

August 11, 2007

I have added direct download links to the Shaman King releases. You can find the links located in the all releases link.

Also the school rumble release is getting closer, I’m almost done with volume 12 which should be done later today.


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